T H E  H U M A N.  

Annie Kielman is a Chicago based artist whose multi-media work touches on our discomfort with ambiguity through manipulations of process, material, and language. Annie received her MFA in Printmedia from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 2013. She currently teaches at Harold Washington College and School of the Art Institute of Chicago, and is co-founder of a Print shop and shared artist space in Lawndale. Annie has exhibited and lectured widely in Chicago and throughout the US.

T H E   W O R K .

I am interested in how the rules of our physical world design our gestures, and how those gestures serve as anchors in a digital space. The artworks aim to reflect between-spaces where their slippages across fixed languages develop different modes of understanding and experiencing our bodies.

There is a surrender to the physical in the work that echoes a universal necessity for adaptation to grow. But, when does constant editing lead to questions of authenticity, belief, or deviance? Where does the over-processed image become an infinitely layered reproduction? How are our digital selves diffracted through these permanent physical structures?

Using an almost maniacal self-mining of imagery as the foundation for the physical layers of the artworks, their shifts between flat, sculptural, performative, and digital realms parallel the construction of our online identities. As the process itself repeats, there is a constant movement between forms that serves as a method of translation, allowing for one medium to fundamentally evolve another.

The work is composed of choreographed movements, and the artworks touch upon a psychological space of obsessive repetitive act, the possibility of glitch between matter and form, and the space where surface can become fetish. This attention to surface points for the potential for grafting order through the safety of applied pattern and method.